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Copyright Policy: ·   Copyright © 2000-2019 Blue Mountain Canoe Outfitters, Inc.  All rights reserved with the exceptions noted in this paragraph. Our Web pages, brochures and maps are copyright protected.  They may be reproduced in their entirety only.  They may be distributed for the purpose of promoting our business only.  These materials may not be edited in any way.  Copying portions or extracting portions of these materials is prohibited.
Privacy Policy:

·   We hate "Junk" e-mail, faxes, and phone calls as much as anybody -- so we do not promote this kind of activity.

·   We will do our best to protect the email addresses that are used to deliver our newsletters to you. We will not sell, license, distribute, disclose your email address. We do share our maling list with the listserver service that distributes our newsletter email notice. We use a service with a protective Privacy Policy which states "that they will not sell, license, distribute, disclose or otherwise use any customer's email membership."

·   We don't mess with your cookies.

·   Blue Mountain Outfitters will never intentionally provide or sell your personal information to any third party.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax: ·   Sales Tax in Pennsylvania is 6%. Tax exempt groups must supply a tax exempt number to obtain sales tax exclusion.
Pricing Policy: ·   Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

·   The sale price quoted for a sale item is applicable to that individual, in-stock item only.

·   The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) that we publish for a boat reflects the MSRP for the Model and "Model Year" of the boat. Our definition of "Model Year" is determined by the manufacturer's "Model Year" that was in effect when we ordered the boat and manufacturer's "Model Year" price that we were invoiced at.

An example: A canoe was ordered in October 2006 and was received by us in January 2007. This canoe manufacturer, as most do, changed "Model Year" in August and 2007 was the year in effect when the order was placed in October and the canoe was invoiced at the 2007 price -- in our book, that canoe is a 2007.

·   Sale prices that are based on the "Model Year" of a product, use the above definition.

·   The last two digits of the Hull Identification Number (HIN) displayed on a boat represents the Model Year of the boat as determined and displayed by the manufacturer or importer. Most of the time, but not always (particularly with imported boats), the Model Year indicated by the HIN will match the above definition.
Deposit Policy: ·   Deposits given to hold boat(s) and/or gear are non-refundable. At time of deposit, a receipt will be issued indicating time of pickup and payment of balance. If balance is not paid at that time, the deposit is forfeited.
Return Policy - Boats: ·   All boat sales, canoe or kayak, new or used, are FINAL. A minimum of $200 will be taken off the trade-in value of any boat purchased and returned for credit/trade unless okayed IN WRITING beforehand by the manager or owner. Sorry, no cash or credit card refunds given.
Return Policy - Other Than Boats: ·   With the store manager's or owner's approval, other merchandise returned within 30 days, with receipt, in original, unused condition, will be either replaced or a store credit given. Sorry, no cash or credit card refunds given.
Warranty Policy: ·   Most of the merchandise we offer at Blue Mountain Outfitters (with the exception of closeout / used / demo equipment) is warranted through the manufacturer. However, we pride ourselves on our level of service, and very often can either service your warranty needs here at the shop, or settle them for you with the manufacturer. HOWEVER, as in any warranty, misuse/abuse is not covered. We will do our best to work with you and the manufacturer to solve any of your needs as quickly and economically as possible so you can get back on the water. We want you to be happy with the gear you buy from us!
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