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   Paddling clothing from hot to cold, from fuzzy to neoprene, and short to long.  Doug likes hats ... so there's quite a pile of them.  Camp stoves and fuel.  Knives ... Doug likes them too.  Camp lanterns, fuel and parts.  Sleeping pads.  Static rescue rope and tubular webbing.  Shorts, pants and shirts.  Tee shirts.  Spray skirts and more spray skirts.  Drysuits.  Farmer Johns.  Real wood kayaks.  Model wood kayaks.  Portable camp toilets (have *!@# will travel).  Dry boxes from tiny to huge.  Life jackets ... PFD's ... Swim vests or whatever you want to call them -- there's quite a pile.  Helmets.  Canoe seat backrests (getting pretty cushy).  River sandals.  River shoes.  Those wonderful neoprene mukluks.  Paddling gloves.  Paddling socks.  Warm head things (caps and balaclavas for under a helmet).  More helmets.  Gobs of outfitting pads and straps and foot braces.  Roof racks.  Things that attach to roof racks.  Straps with cam buckles.  Fishing rod holders.  Deck bags.  Deck compasses.  Flares.  Horns.  Paddle floats.  Pick-up truck racks.  Roof rack rollers.  Sponges (some of us still use composite whitewater kayaks, so we know what these are for).  Bilge pumps.  Big squirt guns that can be used as bilge pumps.  Anchors.  Throw bags.  Tow systems.  Z drag kits.  Wood paddles.  Carbon paddles.  Straight paddles.  Bent paddles.  Fiberglass paddles.  Mountain pie makers.  Every size and color and material drybag imaginable.  Cook sets.  Mess kits.  Jars and bottles.  More helmets.  Venom extractors (Doug was running around here playing with a copperhead one night and we got to test one of these -- still, he spent the night in the hospital).  Sun block.  Sun glasses.  Goggle type things to protect contact lenses.  Straps to maintain ownership of sunglasses and most of all, regular glasses.  Goop to keep them from fogging.  Whistles.  Lots of repair and outfitting materials (there's a lot more of this in the workshop and a lot more about this on the Repair and Outfitting Page).  Soft coolers.  Trail meals.  303 (best way to make paddling stuff last except for not using it).  First aid kits.  Books.  Mary.  Magazines.  Knick knacks.  Maps.  Gazetteers.  Flashlights (got to stay PA FBC compliant).  Head lamps.  Float bags.  Stow and float bags.  More carabiners.  Nose plugs.  Flat webbing.  Rope in multiple flavors.  Canoe seats, thwarts, and carrying yokes.  

   Now, for the boat show room.  Boats, boats, and more boats.  Polyethylene boats.  Wood boats.  Royalex boats.  Fiberglass boats.  Aramid Fiber boats.  Carbon fiber boats.  Doug's collection of wood/canvas and race boats.  Recreational boats.  Whitewater boats.  Touring boats.  Cursing boats (just wanted to see if you were paying attention -- it's Cruising).  Canoes.  Kayaks.  Toads, birds, and a lot of bugs.  Canoe and kayak carts.  More sprayskirts.  Many more paddles.  Whew!!!

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