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Bringing in the New Year, BMO Style
Blue Mountain Outfitters:

   In the early 80's, prior to moving to the train station, we operated out of a much smaller shop, which was located down the road next to a chiropractor's office.  We still remember the doctor's clients commenting about the strange smells wafting out of our fiberglass repair shop, which was also our showroom, office, and ... well, our everything.
   We've grown from a small canoe rental business that also sold a few boats in the summer to a full-service, year-round paddlesports shop and livery business that takes a small army to run.  Few days go by that we don't receive numerous compliments from customers who are overwhelmed by the boat and accessory inventory.  Still, we are ever on the lookout for anything new, exciting, unique, and sometimes odd in the paddlesports world.

   We still produce strange smells from our ever improving repair and outfitting shop, where we're usually experimenting with some new repair materials or techniques.

   The things born of necessity and refined through use and time seem to be the best, and that's exactly where our boat trailer products come from.

   So, if you need a new boat, a new gadget to go with your boat, a trailer or roof rack to haul your boat, to get your boat repaired, or a boat to rent for the day -- Check Us Out!

   Most of all, we're like you -- trying to find enough time to paddle, 'cause paddling is the reason we're all here to start with.

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Marysville Train Station:

   We're often asked what landmark to look for to find Blue Mountain Outfitters.  Well, the fact of the matter is, we are the landmark -- the historic Marysville train station.  Our home was built at the turn of last century.  At  approximately the same time, another area land mark was constructed just downstream on the Susquehanna, the Rockville Bridge, the longest stone arch, railroad bridge in the world.

   The train station served as a hub of the Pennsylvania Railroad in the Capital Region until   passengers service was discontinued in the mid 50's.  First the train station was offered to the Borough of Marysville for a sum of $1.00, but to the regret of today's residents, the offer was turned down.  A lengthy period of revolving ownership and uses followed; including: a lumberyard, an antique shop, an opticians shop, a small engine repair shop, and the one most remembered -- a drive-through beer distributor.  After moving from another location, Blue Mountain took up residence in 1988 and purchased the building in 1992. We're here to stay!

   You'll still find evidence of the old Pennsylvania Railroad Days, and maybe a beer bottle or two (from the distributor days, of course), but today it is a paddler's shop!

Doug Gibson:
    Owner, President, The commander-in-chief, The Big Cheese...we’re not really sure what to call him (that’s printable!) but he is the founder and driving force behind Blue Mountain Outfitters. His vision (although getting a little blurry now!) has seen us grow and flourish against sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds. He’s Old School and proud of it, having broken into kayaking on his own in Northwestern Pennsylvania at a time when no one up in them 'thar' parts knew what a kayak was, much less what to do with it. Full of "Dougism’s", (i.e. "You need a high degree of skillability to handle a boat like that.") he still has a lot of lessons to teach our New School paddlers.  That is, if we can get him to stop playing with poisonous snakes and the resultant hospital stays long enough to be able to!
As you can see, Doug is a 'stern' man.
Mary Gibson:
We caught Mary with noseplugs on.
   Second in command.  Sales Manager.  Tries to keep Doug and the rest of us in line (yeah, right, fat chance). She pushes the paperwork that makes this place work, orders the mounds of inventory, remembers where every piece of that inventory is and what it does, checks and corrects the rental/shuttle scheduling that the rest of us try to mess up, choreographs the Saturday morning rental rush like a Zen Master, repairs soft goods, replaces latex gaskets, can be seen (only briefly because she travels at the speed of light) putting in more hours than anyone around here, and throws boats around with the best of them (Mary is not a large person!).  This list goes on and on. Want to get her plenty pissed-off? Come on in with one of those big male attitudes and don’t believe that a woman can know that much about canoes and kayaks and all things related (truth is, she knows more than the rest of us combined). We had to start closing on Mondays (we hope this hasn’t inconvenienced any of you too much) so that Mary would take a break.
Kris Wolpert:

   Shop manager. Set the record of being the longest running employee at BMO, and that's not counting the kayak classes he did for us years before that! Kris became irreplaceable from the beginning. In between concocting new potions in the repair shop, rewriting our brochures and web page, running our lesson program, building new boat racks, bailing Mary out on the computer, and fixing everything that a 100-year-old building can throw at him, he still finds time to paddle more than any of us...and he doesn’t even drink coffee! We managed to pry the kayak paddles, that he’s been wielding since 1960, out of his hands long enough to try out a solo canoe, and he’s now a hooked one-blader as well, doing things on the river that his carbon-fiber canoe probably wasn’t meant to do! When he’s not on the water or here at the shop look for him in the hills, either mountain biking, skiing or tearing it up on his mountain sled...another Kris invention!

On a local creek he found.
Kris's version of sledding.
Kris and Guni in their K2 entering Pillow Rock Rapid.
Kris kaya-rafting the Green, UT. Kaya-rafting, we found out, is when a kayaker gets behind the oars of a rowing rig and pretends to know what he is doing.
Tim Kocher:
Prior to working at BMO, Tim spent some time in Ashville, NC, where he became addicted to kayaking (duh!) Back here in PA, he’s expanded to canoes and stand up paddleboards, whitewater and flat, solo and tandem (well not SUP…yet!) Always checking the latest mags for new paddling gear, he keeps Mary on her toes trying to keep inventory up to date. Have a broken boat? Tim can probably fix it; often stronger than it was in the first place. Want to set him off? Mention dragging your boat to the water. (They’re called GRAB handles, not DRAG handles, Dude!) Along with Leah, Tim’s also brings the mean employee age down for the rest of us old schoolers (a great help with health insurance premiums!)
Tim's Dagger 'The Green Boat 11.5' is a bit too long to fit in this picture.
Tim holding up the Moon?
Tim is non-discriminating paddler - canoe, kayak, SUP, or whatever - if it floats, he'll give it a go.
New Years Day 2014
Pat Reilly:
   We tried maintaining a "Lost & Found" shelf, but gave was always filled with Reilly’s gear! (Mary called it quits after finding his underwear in the parking lot one morning.) Our resident river rat, Pat grew up on the Susquehanna downstream (and luckily downwind) from us. Originally a motorhead, Doug straightened him out years ago and hooked him on kayak racing, and he hasn’t slowed down since. Known for his escapades, including paddling waters from forbidden to foreboding, you can read about his adventures on our River Tales page, or just stop by the shop to hear about the latest Reilly tale. Although Pat's not technically an employee, he does enough contract work for us, and spends enough time here, that it's only natural to include him.
Enough said!
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