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·   Blue Mountain Outfitters is located on US Rts. 11 & 15 in Marysville, Pennsylvania. Within Marysville, Blue Mountain Outfitters is one of the few structures that are located on the "River Side" of US-11&15, which makes us easy to find, but US-11&15 is a very busy road and a few additional hints are in order.

·   Headed North on Routes US-11&15: We are located almost exactly 2 miles north of the Route 81 interchange and just before the traffic light. When you see the first PA-850 sign, start to slow down and turn on your right turn signal. The entrance to our south parking lot is immediately after the second PA-850 sign and at the beginning of the big dip in the road. The entrance to our north lot is just past our building, at the bottom of the dip, immediately before the traffic light.

·   Headed South on Routes US-11&15: We are located 10.5 miles south of the I-322 interchange. The entrance to our north parking lot is approximately 100 yards past the traffic light at the PA-850 intersection. Watch for oncoming traffic in the center lane.

·   US 11&15 is a very busy road. To complicate matters, locals illegally use the center lane as an acceleration lane when making a left turn onto US-11&15 North. Additionally, US-11&15 northbound traffic that is making a left turn onto PA-850 tend to think the center lane is their exclusive domain well before they get near the traffic light; they enter it early and fast.

You will not mistake another traffic light for the one outside our door; it's the only one in the county.

RR Caution Notice: Blue Mountain Outfitters is located in the old Marysville Railroad Passenger Depot and the railroad tracks that are located immediately behind our building and parking lots are very active and very dangerous.

Do not park with any part of your vehicle extending past the parking lot lines. Do not turn your kids or pets loose behind our property. For that matter, do not leave them unsupervised anywhere around here -- the road out front is no safer than the railroad out back and we have a lot of vehicles with trailers moving and backing up on our lots. If you step past the parking lot lines or behind our building, you are trespassing on railroad property and the fines are very stiff – they do not like killing people.

Frequently you cannot hear the trains approaching -- from years of train watching we know that this is not a myth. Worst of all, Amtrack uses these tracks and they always seem to be making up for lost time when they go past here.
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·   BMO Brochure.·   Information about: our rental and shuttle service, suggested trip supplies, overnight camping trips, clothing, kayaking lessons, guided tours, schedules and itinerary, reservation procedures, liability, repairs and outfitting, our retail store, maps to BMO, and more.
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