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A few photos of us kicking off 2011 on our favorite river.
The crew forward of Mary in the Bloody Mary.
Captain Doug at the helm.
Harry running solo.
Danny coming along side.
Tall stories, a warm fire, and good food.
The Bloody Mary, our 8 man canoe, resting on its trailer in the background.
Welcome image
Happy Holidays 2010
Mary putting the finishing touches on the Harry Christmas Tree.
JK's comment, "You should see him when he's lit."
This endeavor was a result of a photo contest started by Shred Ready.
Jesse in stand-up mode on Stony Creek. We sometimes call it Stunt Polling - see photo of Topher below. From the stand up position, they get a great view of their surroundings and in this case, the surroundings are worth seeing.
The BMO War Canoe, the "Bloody Mary", and the Rockville Bridge - 1/1/10
Kris couldn't be happier - sledding season has returned after several years of snow drought. 02/10
Kris enjoying a "float trip" in an old Wavesoprt Godzilla with not-so-good outfitting.
Rapid # 13 (The Mother) Zambezi River in Africa - 09/09

Vikings on the Susquehanna?

We found this picture and note in the in-basket:

"Here's a photo from the Mazzerese group last weekend I thought you would enjoy. We had a real blast."

There just might be times when we don't want to know what our rental customers are up to?

Seriously, we love receiving notes and photos like this from our river going patrons. If you happen to have any fun photos from past trips with us, please send them in.
Big Water, Little Boat

Creek? Yellow Breeches.
Boat? Fluid Vaya. Paddler?
Paddler? BMO regular Tony R., following in Dad's footsteps.

Go Tony!

photo by Dad: Pat R.

This clearly falls within the "Stupid River Tricks" category. Don't try this at home -- leave this to the "professionals": Topher, in this case. Does anybody have a bottle of 303; let's make this a little more interesting?
Photos by: Tom Wilhelm
Here's one of the local 'kids' enjoying himself way too much.
Bob B. on Codorus
Several years ago BMO suffered a loss when the family pet anole died. Bill (named because he had a habit of constantly chasing the female anole, Monica) dried out pretty quickly, and since Mary hadn't gotten around to burying him and he looked so cool, she decided to use him to start a dreamcatcher. Kris donated a salamander, a mouse, and a snakeskin he found outside a neighborhood bar (thanks, Kris!); various butterflies, dragonflies, dobsonflies, and other flying creatures were added by our employees, a customer (who asked to remain anonymous, but had a very vampirish look) brought in a bat, and the collection grew rapidly, including one of the notorious 2004 17-year cicadas (we swear we can still hear him!) Mary's always on the lookout for anything new, dead, and lightweight to add -- her family is relieved that they finally know what to get her for Christmas!
Mary's Dreamcatcher
Here's a blast from the past! Mary's son Greg (who's a lot older now) giving a new meaning to the term "Squirt Boater"
Greg Squirtin
Doug and the rest of his crew assure Mary every year that they work themselves to the bone on the Annual Schuylkill River Sojourn. However, this photo from 2004 shows someone with entirely too much time on his hands. (Moral: If you choose to sleep suspended, be VERY careful to have complete trust in your campmates or hide the camstraps!)
Putting Tie Down Straps to Good Use
Canadian Style Greenland Paddle
Go away for a couple days, and you never know what's going to show up! Lately it was this "one of a kind" (at least we think so!) Canadian Style Greenland Paddle, courtesy of Mike McCrea. (Figures -- what else would you expect from someone who formed, and proudly paddles with, a group called the "Menacing Duckheads"?)
The Bloody Mary Full of Duckheads
And speaking of Duckheads, here's a whole boat load of them, competing in the Wye Island Regatta which entails a 12.6 mile trip around Wye Island on the Chesapeake Bay. This year (2006) was their third year of using BMO's Bloody Mary (the 8 man war canoe) for this race and they've been quite competitive, especially in rough conditions.
This is one of our favorite non-paddling activites: sledding on Second Mountain. We've had a few knees and fingers get banged up, but nothing too serious.

Ask Kris about the bright idea of stretching a bungee across the trail and using his hands as a tailhook - more stretched than just the bungee.
Texas Dan Sliding Down Second Mountain
New Years Day 2001
The Blue Mountain crew does an annual New Years Day trip each year and we think that we're up to about 9 years in a row without any swimmers (intentional or otherwise), except for a little polling activity at the takeout in 2006.  This is not to say that there weren't some close calls and that a bit of luck wasn't involved.
New Years Day 2006
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