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BMO Holiday Gift Guide

5 Gifts Under $5.00

Bull Frog SPF 50 Lip Balm, 'cause lips need sunscreen also! $2.95

Spork – Is it a spoon, fork, or knife? All of the above, in bright colors so you can tell who's who's - $3.95

Splash Guard – Nifty little insert for the top of a wide-mouth Lexan bottle so you can drink without wearing the contents (or inhaling the ice) Highly recommended! - $3.95

Key Floats – 'Cause you REALLY don't want to lose them! $3.95 and Up

Can-panion – When you need a beverage, how about a place to put one? Fits on canoe gunnels or cockpit rims – $4.95

10 Gifts Under $10.00

Paddle Leash – Keep your paddle connected to your boat; A lot less expensive than a new paddle! - $5.95 & Up

Kap Clips – Kinda like the Paddle Leash, but for your hat - $6.95

Kayak Tool a Long – Multi-Tool in the shape of a kayak, how cool is that? $6.95

Jet Scream Whistle – Not only is it a good idea, it's the law in PA! $6.95

Bilge Sponge – Everyone needs one of these! $7.95

Stainless Steel Beer Stein – Perfect campfire companion - $7.95

Badger Sore Muscle Rub – As great as a day on the water is, the aftermath can be less than pleasant. This takes the edge off - $9.95 (worth more if you administer it!)

Camera Float – No need to explain! $9.95

Nose Plugs – Let's face it, what whitewater boater couldn't do with another pair? $9.95

Carabiners – One more thing gear heads just can' t get enough of, the possibilities are endless. Many under $10.00

(Don't forget stocking stuffers – we have lots of those also!)

25 Gifts Under $25.00

Water Repellant Spray – For Jackets, Hats, you name it - $10.95

Flashlights – Be Fish Commission compliant any time of day – starting at $11.95

BMO Hats & shirts – We' re plugging ourselves here, but you requested it! - $10.00 hats, 12.95 for T-shirts

Northwater Universal Mounting Kit – Those handy bungee balls that hold just about anything just about anywhere - $12.95

Susquehanna River Trail Maps – Middle, Lower, & West Branch; waterproof & detailed - $13.95 to $17.95

Stainless Wine Glass – Unbreakable luxury in the outdoors - $13.95

Ultimate Cup Holder – Works in your canoe, and LOTS of other places - $14.95

Yak-Grips – Cushy comfort for your kayak paddle - $14.95

Windproof/Waterproof Lighters – When you really need a fire - $14.95 & Up

Canoe/Kayak Anchor – When you want to stay put - $14.95 - $19.95

Seat Cushions – More "Cush for the Tush" – lots of choices starting at $14.95; come in and do a "sit test"!

Hei Matau Pendant – Maori Symbol of Safe Passage over Water - $14.95

Purple Lizard Maps – Many locations in PA with detailed hiking, biking, paddling, outdoor info - $15.00

Rome Cast Iron Mountain Pie Makers and Hamburger Grillers – Spend some quality time around the fireplace over the holidays, and the campfire for years to come - $16.95-$19.95

Dry Bags – Various sizes and colors – starting at $17.95

Tek Towel – Ultimate outdoor towel, lots of colors, starting at $17.95

Smart Wool Socks – From the happy sheep; soft, comfy & warm - $18.95

Pelican Micro Dry Cases – Easy to open, and crush/bang proof – starting at $18.95

Delorme Atlas – Every State in the Paddling Union, for that next trip – Most $19.95

"Keystone Canoeing" Guidebook – The Bible for PA Paddlers! - $21.95

"Paddling Pennsylvania" Covers more flatwater than "Keystone" ; great companion guide - $22.95

SheWee – So she can write her name in the snow! - $22.95

Hawg Trough – Official measuring device for kayak bass fishing tournaments - $24.95

Throw Ropes – Stay safe on the river – Starting at $24.95

BMO Gift Certificate – Any amount you like, and they don't expire or lose value like some others!

Happy Holidays from BMO!

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