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Repairs, Outfitting, and Materials:

·   We know from our own experiences that not all boating maneuvers go as planned and sudden damage can result; also, plain old everyday wear and tear takes its toll on your boat, paddle, and accessories.  The remedy to this problem -- our expert repair services, right here, in house at Blue Mountain.

·   Note: the lists of services and material on this page are by no means all inclusive, but they will give you a notion of our capabilities.

·   We try to keep repair and outfitting turn- around times quick (truth is, we don’t have a bunch of excess storage space for project boats).

Repair Services:

·   Repair services available in our shop:

   Repair of composite, Royalex®, Polyethylene and aluminum boats.

   Gelcoat repair.

   Refinishing clear-finish composite boats.  We're using a two-part polyurethane coating that is tough, UV resistant, and very high gloss.

   Skid plate installation on Royalex® or polyethylene canoes.

   Inlaid or surface skid plate installation on composite boats.

   Rail, thwart, and seat replacement.

   Custom ash and hardwood deck plate replacement.

   Wood or composite paddle re-tipping and refinishing.

   Drysuit gasket replacement.

   Repair rips and tears in paddling clothing.

   Other needs?  Give us a call.

·   In addition to our in-house services we can arrange to have wood and canvas canoe restoration.
Outfitting Services:

·   Outfitting.  Nothing makes a boat more comfortable, better performing, or just something to be proud of than custom outfitting.  Sometimes it's just the little things: like a bit of padding here or there to relieve a nagging ache.  Sometimes it's full blown whitewater open boat outfitting, without which, the boat just won't work.  We do it all in our shop.

·   Outfitting services available in our shop:

   Whitewater open boat outfitting -- from an empty shell to a hop in and go package that's custom fit to you.  Saddle, thigh straps, knee pads, easy-to-remove float bags that stay put when needed... We do it all.

   Strap-in saddle to give your recreational open boat additional performance for solo swiftwater use.

   Gunwale pads to make open boats a little more comfortable for us bony-knee folks.

   Adjustable foot braces for open boats -- take advantage of the comfort and performance enhancement that serious racers have used for many years.

   Sturdy rope grabloops for open boats -- better attachment points for painters.

   Solid Minicel® endtanks -- flotation without the maintenance, a good footbrace for the bow paddler. 

   Gear tie-down systems -- custom lacing systems that are secure, quick, and easy to use and stow. 

   Fishing packages for recreational kayaks -- rod holders, anchor systems, paddle parks

   Custom thigh braces for recreational kayaks - up the performance and comfort.

   Deck rigging.

Materials for Sale:

·   For the do-it-yourselfer we have a large inventory of repair and outfitting materials, "how-to" books, and, in fact, our experts are always happy to provide you with tips.  If we don't stock the item you need, we can probably fabricate it for you.

·   Repair and outfitting materials available at BMO:

   1/2", 1", 2" and 3" thick Minicel®, and. 4" thick Microcell® cut and sold by the square foot.

   Stainless steel and nylon fasteners and fittings.

   Adhesives and epoxies. West System

   Fiberglass, Aramid Fiber and carbon fiber woven fabrics and tapes

   Aramid Fiber felt for skid plates.

  Skid plate and Royalex® repair kits.

   Flotation bags.

   Replacement rail, thwart, and seats.

   Thigh, knee and back pads.

   Foot braces for canoes and kayaks.

   Aquaseal®, Lexel®, Seam Seal™, 303 Aerospace Protectant

   Varnish and oil, Watco Exterior Wood Finish.

   OEM paints.

   Vinyl, Hypalon®, and rigid D-rings

   Drysuit gaskets

   Webbing, cord and rope.

   Ash rails -- this is a Blue Mountain exclusive, we find the prime white ash trees, sticker the lumber for a good long time and have it milled to our specifications.

   And last but not least -- Duct Tape!

Shop Charges:

·   Pricing:

Repair and Outfitting Shop Charges.

$50.00 per hour,

$50.00 minimum, or quoted price

·   Call or stop by and visit us, see what we have to offer or to get a quote and schedule work!

Repair Shop News:

New -- BMO Skidplate Kits

Over the years, various canoe and canoe accessory manufacturers have made skidplate kits for us to sell to our do-it-yourself customers. Recently these sources have dried up about as much as our local creeks do in late August -- so we made our own kits.

Our pre-cut skidplates come in 4 sizes ranging in price from $16.95 to $20.95, are sold in pairs, and come with detailed instructions.

We sell the epoxy separately -- one epoxy kit for Royalex canoes at $49.95 and one kit for Polyethylene canoes at $67.90.

More information: BMO Skidplate Kit Brochure

Esquif Twin-Tex® Repair
We recently completed training by Esquif and equipped our workshop to do repairs on Esquif Twin-Tex® Canoes.
We are the only shop in the United States with this capability.
If you were unfortunate enough to crack your boat, give us a call.
More Repair News -- G/flex® Epoxy

In June, 2007 West System® introduced a new epoxy they named G/flex®. Along with other beneficial properties, it has structural adhesive characteristics with a number of "hard to glue" materials including high and low density polyethylene. What does that mean? We can now repair plastic canoes and kayaks with glue!

Previous to G/flex®, the only practical method of repairing polyethylene canoes and kayaks was thermal welding and it only worked on some types of polyethylene some of the time. Welding was most reliable for repairing cracks in stiff and thick areas of the boat such as "V" shaped stems (the leading and trailing edges of the boat). Welding was not very reliable on thin, flat, flexible areas of the hull.

Since June, we have been testing G/flex® on scrap pieces of boats, our rental fleet, a couple disaster boats brought in by customers, and of course our never ending source of damaged boats: employee boats. We started testing with the boat repair techniques described in the G/flex® product literature and went on to develop our own repair recipes. "Repair recipe" is shop slang for the combination of resins, reinforcing materials, additives, and procedure required to make a specific repair.

The test results: We have the confidence to do repairs and upgrades that were not practical or possible 6 months ago. Skidplate installation , repair of cracks and holes in single and multi-layer canoes and kayaks, repair of worn-out spots amidship on the keelline of "V" bottom kayaks, and end pours in kayaks are some examples of successful work on polyethylene boats. Heck, we got so excited about G/flex®, that we became an official US dealer for West System® products -- better pricing for us -- better pricing for you.

We only have a few G/flex® / Coleman® repairs in circulation and it has not been properly tested at this time, but the local dopler radar is looking good and Jesse (the boat owner, stunt poler, and fellow BMO employee) promises to get the testing under way if this rain delivers adequate or better yet, not-so-adequate flow. Historically, we know of no adhesive that worked with any Colemans®. Another area of promise that requires investigation is the installation of anchor points and outfitting in poly boats .

We recently added vacuum-bagging capability to our shop to do Twin-Tex® repairs. We have begun testing the use of this technology for skidplate installation. The preliminary results look real good for making low-profile, streamlined, tough skidplates, and we are working on the details. We haven't done any paddle re-tipping with vacuum bagging, but we're sure it's going to beat the "one-dozen c-clamp" method in difficulty, time saved and job quality.

We are not to the point of putting no-holds-barred warranties on all types of polyethylene boat repairs, especially on whitewater boats, but we are willing to work with you and we'll support our work as best we can. Bring your problem boat in and let us take a look at it -- we'll come up with an estimate of repair feasibility, durability and cost.

For a number of obvious reasons, we're quicker at moving repairs through our shop in the off season -- so, go peel back that duct tape, give you boat a good inspection, give us a call to solve your paddlecraft maladies, and be ready for the next paddling year.

Boat Repair Season

Our repair shop is busy undoing this years mishaps and wear and tear. We're also busy modifying and installing new outfitting. Bring your problem in and let us give you a cost estimate.

For do-it-yourselfers, we stock a full line of repair and maintenance materials: fiberglass, aramid, dynel, graphite and nylon fabrics; epoxy and polyester resin systems; Minicel and neoprene foam; wood, vinyl and aluminum gunwale stock, Stainless fasteners, seats and deck plates; skidplate kits; rope, shockcord and webbing; and this list goes on and on -- if it has anything to do with fixing canoes and kayaks, we probably have it.

We are an authorize dealer for West System® Epoxy and we stock most of the items in their product line.

West System® Techniques and Materials

We are a dealer and carry most West System® epoxy and associated products in our retail store. Here is a very handy reference page for the use of those products:

Some of this information has been published in 'Epoxy Works', which is published by the owners of West System®, but there is a lot of additional information in this publication and here is that link:

Flame treating a plastic surface for bonding

We always flame treat plastic surfaces to get epoxy (usually West System G/Flex) to stick to surfaces such as polyethylene canoes and kayaks. The flame treatment is done after thoroughly cleaning and abrading the surface. Here is the flame treating technique as described by the West System® folks:

"To flame treat a plastic surface, hold a propane torch flame about 4" to 6" from the plastic (with the tip of the flame just above the surface) and move it across the surface at a rate of 2 or 3 inches per second overlapping the previous pass slightly. Keep the torch moving and only allow the exhaust gases to hit the surface. If done correctly, the surface will not discolor or burn in any obvious way. This technique oxidizes the surface and improves adhesion. For best adhesion, bond to the surface within 30 minutes of treatment."

Epoxyworks 16 / Fall 2000

Bilge Pumps for Whitewater Open Boats

We now stock all of the components to install electric bilge pump systems in Whitewater Canoes.

We can install a ready-to-go systems in new or used boats or sell individual components.

Give us a call and check it out.


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