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Repairs, Outfitting, and Materials:

·   We know from our own experiences that not all boating maneuvers go as planned and sudden damage can result; also, plain old everyday wear and tear takes its toll on your boat, paddle, and accessories.  The remedy to this problem -- our expert repair services, right here, in house at Blue Mountain.

·   Note: the lists of services and material on this page are by no means all inclusive, but they will give you a notion of our capabilities.

·   We try to keep repair and outfitting turn- around times quick (truth is, we don’t have a bunch of excess storage space for project boats).

Repair Services:

·   Repair services available in our shop:

   Repair of composite, Royalex® and Polyethylene boats.

   Gelcoat repair.

   Refinishing clear-finish composite boats.  We're using a two-part polyurethane coating that is tough, UV resistant, and very high gloss.

   Skid plate installation on Royalex®, polyethylene and composite canoes.

   Rail, thwart, and seat replacement.

   Deck plate replacement.

   Wood or composite paddle re-tipping and refinishing.

   Dry top & drysuit gasket replacement.

   Hardware replacement.

   Other needs?  Give us a call.

Outfitting Services:

·   Outfitting.  Nothing makes a boat more comfortable, better performing, or just something to be proud of than custom outfitting.  Sometimes it's just the little things: like a bit of padding here or there to relieve a nagging ache.  Sometimes it's full blown whitewater open boat outfitting, without which, the boat just won't work.  We do it all in our shop.

·   Outfitting services available in our shop:

   Whitewater open boat outfitting -- from an empty shell to a hop in and go package that's custom fit to you.  Saddle, thigh straps, knee pads, easy-to-remove float bags that stay put when needed... We do it all.

   Strap-in saddle to give your recreational open boat additional performance for solo swiftwater use.

   Gunwale pads to make open boats a little more comfortable for us bony-knee folks.

   Adjustable foot braces for open boats -- take advantage of the comfort and performance enhancement that serious racers have used for many years.

   Sturdy rope grabloops for open boats -- better attachment points for painters.

   Gear tie-down systems -- custom lacing systems that are secure, quick, and easy to use and stow. 

   Fishing packages for recreational kayaks -- rod holders, anchor systems, paddle parks, anchor trolleys, and more.

   Deck rigging.

Materials for Sale:

·   For the do-it-yourselfer we have a large inventory of repair and outfitting materials, "how-to" books, and, in fact, our experts are always happy to provide you with tips.  If we don't stock the item you need, we can probably fabricate it for you.

·   Repair and outfitting materials available at BMO:

   1/2", 1", 2" and 3" thick Minicel®, and. 4" thick Microcell® cut and sold by the square foot.

   Stainless steel and nylon fasteners and fittings.

   Adhesives and epoxies. West System & G-Flex Epoxy.

   Fiberglass, Aramid Fiber and carbon fiber woven fabrics and tapes

   Aramid Fiber felt for skid plates.

  BMO Skid Plate Kits and Royalex® repair kits.

   Flotation bags.

   Replacement rail, thwart, and seats.

   Thigh, knee and back pads.

   Foot braces for canoes and kayaks.

   Aquaseal®, Lexel®, Seam Seal™, 303 Aerospace Protectant

   Varnish and oil, Watco Exterior Wood Finish.

   Vinyl & Hypalon® D-rings

   Drysuit gaskets

   Webbing, cord and rope.

   Ash Gunwales

   And last but not least -- Duct Tape!

Shop Charges:

·   Pricing:

Repair and Outfitting Shop Charges.

$50.00 per hour,

$50.00 minimum, or quoted price

·   Call or stop by and visit us, see what we have to offer or to get a quote and schedule work!

Repair Shop News:

West System® Techniques and Materials

We are a dealer and carry most West System® epoxy and associated products in our retail store. Here is a very handy reference page for the use of those products:

Some of this information has been published in 'Epoxy Works', which is published by the owners of West System®, but there is a lot of additional information in this publication and here is that link:

How to Screw up a Boat
without getting it Wet

August 2010

Compiled by the Blue Mountain Outfitters Repair Shop

Most of these stories accompanied repair jobs that we have done in our shop. Some people were quite willing to share their brilliance, sometimes we had to pry a little, and sometimes we knew very well what happened because we did it ourselves (the ones we are admitting to are indicated with BMO). Some items have a single word comment on the frequency of occurrence. We compiled this list primarily for the humor in it, but there are important lessons to take away. Learn by the mistakes of others - these acts do not need to be duplicated - be nice to your boat and save it for the river.
(Read More . . .)

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