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Our Store:

·   Our store is a Full Service Paddlesports Store and feature the area’s largest selection of Canoes, Kayaks, Stand-Up-Paddle Boards and Accessories. We specialize in one sport only -- Paddling -- and we have the knowledge and experience to help you select the appropriate equipment for YOUR individual paddling needs.

·   The selection here at BMO is a large enough to make choosing your new canoe or kayak even scarier than buying a car, but take heart, you've come to the right place!  After determining  your current and future paddling interests, your budget, your physical size (face it, we all come in different sizes and shapes), and what load you intend to carry, we can usually narrow the choice down to a boat or two.  We'll leave the color selection up to you.  This is what a 'Specialty Store' is all about and we're never snobs -- even if you are just starting out.

·   Even if you don't need anything at all, just stop by to say "hello"!  We are always happy to see our friends and customers and we certainly appreciate your patronage!

Links to Boat Manufacturers:

·   Looking for boat pictures and specifications? Click here to go to our Links to Boat Manufacturers page.

Links to Accessory Manufacturers:

·   Gizmos, clothing and what have you.  This list is by no means all inclusive of the accessory manufacturers represented in our inventory.  Links to Accessory Manufacturers

Virtual Store Tour:

·   Virtual Store Tour?  Well, not exactly. This page contains several photographs of our store and a list of the things we noted as we took a walk through the store with a pencil and paper in hand. You can click on Virtual Store Tour to see this list.  It definitely doesn't include everything, but it gives you a good idea of what we stock and there's a little humor (well, we thought it was funny) thrown in.

Rent to Buy Program:

·   Just to make sure you get what you need, we have a Rent-to-Buy  program. Rent a boat for a day or a weekend, purchase a similar boat within 30 days, and deduct one day's rental price from the purchase. Gather up a few friends, rent a few boat variations , and play musical boats on the way down the river.  There is no better way to sort out the differences!  We don't have every model in our rental and demo inventory, but we have the touring and recreational lines pretty well covered.  For more information about renting, see our Canoe and Kayak Rental page.  Sorry, we don't rent whitewater boats.

Demos by Appointment: Touring and Recreational Canoes, Kayaks, and Stand-Up-Paddle Boards: $10 per person per boat, 10 minutes per boat, up to 3 boats.
Demo Day:
·   Our annual Demo Day is a two day event that is scheduled for mid May each year. Click here for more Demo Day information. It's free, fun and educational.
Gift Certificates:

·   Shopping for your boating friend or relative and you're not sure what they don't own, lost or broke last?  Stop in and get a gift certificate.

·   About our Brochures.
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