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Cove Mountain and the Susquehanna River between Marysville and Duncannon

War Canoe Tours:
·   No we're not going to war, but we are offering a ride in an eight man "War" canoe. Two to six guests and two of our guides will paddle a local stretch of river. Under favorable conditions: three to seven guests and one guide will crew the boat. This is the least demanding way to explore the river by paddle power -- no struggling to keep up -- we're all in the same boat. Bird watching? Photography? Parties? We have other tours available. Give us a call for more information. Availability is water level dependent.
Speaking of water levels, if you want to experience a high water run on the Susquehanna River, the War Canoe is the way to do it! Run the Marysville Ledges, and get a better than birds eye view of the nesting birds at the Wade Island sanctuary. We guarantee you won't forget this one!

Local War Canoe Tour

The War Canoe with a load of pirates!
Canoe and Kayak Rental:

·   Information about our Canoe and Kayak Rental, Guide Services, and Overnight Camping can be found on our Canoe and Kayak Rental Page.


·   We strongly recommend that you make a reservation for your trip. Without a reservation we make no promises that either equipment or personnel will be available to facilitate your trip.

·   Reservations are secured with a 50% deposit (usually a credit card number via telephone) and are allocated on a first come - first serve basis. The balance is due when you sign in for your trip.

·   Cancellation policy: More than 14 days prior to departure date - deposits are 100% refundable less a $5 processing fee. 2 to 14 days prior - no refund. Day before or day of trip - cancellations will be charged 100% of trip cost.

·   Trips run rain or shine except when conditions (severe weather, water stage, and/or water temperature) are determined unsuitable by BMO Management. In this case BMO will reschedule your outing, move your outing to another stream or stream section, or refund your deposit.

·   Body Size Questions: When making reservations, the Blue Mountain representative may ask for the height and weight of each rental client. Why does Blue Mountain Outfitters collect this information? The short answer: safety.

Paddle craft are built to accommodate different sized people. If the person is too small for the boat, they will have unnecessary difficulty maneuvering and propelling the boat. If the person is too large for the boat, they can be too cramped in the boat to be comfortable or effective, or worst case -- too heavy for the boat, making the boat unstable, unsafe and fatiguing.

Blue Mountain Outfitters uses this height and weight information to assign the proper sized boat to each rental client. This information is not used for any other purpose by Blue Mountain Outfitters and it is not released or transferred to any third party

One size does NOT fit all.

Risk Management:

·   BMO makes every effort to provide the best quality equipment, information, and instruction, but we cannot assume liability for personal injuries, damaged equipment, or lost equipment.

Before your outing, we require you to sign a lease agreement and a liability release form. A release form that has been signed in advance by a parent or guardian is required for each minor traveling with others.

·   To download our liability release forms so that you can read, print and complete them in advance. Click here to download the Liability Release Form.

·   Water related recreational activities have inherent risks, dangers, and hazards; expose participants to strenuous conditions; and place participants in isolated settings. Assess your physical capabilities accordingly and if you are unsure, check with your doctor.

You will watch a river orientation video before your trip -- pay attention and ask questions if any point is unclear. You must understand and exercise safety measures to protect yourself while in the river environment. This is not a precisely monitored and controlled amusement park ride!

·   The ability to swim is an important skill, but don't overestimate your swimming ability. We urge you to wear your PFD at all times, when on or in the water. Be aware that unexpected swims happen and that there are sudden drop-offs on the river bottom.

·   BMO reserves the right to refuse outing participation when patrons are not dressed properly for prevailing conditions.

·   BMO river float trips are suitable for all skill levels. The minimum participant age is 6 years. Our standards for determining suitable conditions are elevated for trips including children.

·   Any customer who appears intoxicated or under the influence of illegal or controlled substances will not be allowed on board our watercraft. BMO strongly discourages the use of alcohol while on the water.

Greenie - hanging out at our local Susquehanna access.
Dressing for the River:

·   Plan on getting wet -- especially your feet!

·   Cotton is great in the summer, because it helps keep you cool and provides some sun protection, but it does not dry quickly and is not suitable for cool, wet conditions. Inclement summer weather calls for light layers of polypropylene or other wicking synthetic tops and bottoms. A water/wind proof shell should also be readily available. Spring and fall demand heavier pile or fleece in combination with paddling jackets and pants. Don't forget the warm hat. When water and air temperatures together total less then 100°, wetsuits or specialized protective clothing are required. BMO has wetsuits available for rent. A hat for sun protection of eyes and skin is also handy.

·   Preferred footwear includes old sneakers, sandals, or watershoes. Your footwear should be securely fastened to your feet so that shoreline mud or an inadvertent swim do not take them. No flip-flops, loafers, or bare feet -- broken glass and other sharp objects are a constant threat. Spring and fall paddlers should consider wool or fleece socks, or neoprene booties. Never wear oversized boots in the boats. Bring dry clothes, foot ware, and jackets for overnight trips and for the ride home.

River Notes:

·   If you do bring children with you, we suggest keeping the trip length short, and plan for lots of layover time. A familiar toy from home (that floats!) helps a lot. We've also found that an aquarium dip net, clear plastic jar with holes punched in the lid, and small nylon mesh bag for collecting "treasures" tend to keep kids interested for hours. Don't forget the snacks!

·   Poison Ivy is VERY prevalent along the river corridor. Know how to identify it, and if you're susceptible (or aren't sure), consider using a skin protectant lotion. If you do make contact, rinse well with plain water directly after exposure or, better yet, use an outdoor skin cleanser. Protectants and cleansers are available in our store.

·   Avoid using perfumes, colognes, and other "sweet" scents...mosquitoes and biting flies love them as much as you do!

·   Sunburn is a significant problem on the river. Liberally apply and reapply waterproof sunblock -- don't forget the tops of your feet when wearing sandals. Sunglasses, a hat with brim, and abundant drinking water are also important. Be sure to secure any eyewear with a strap.

·   Anchors, fragile foam coolers and glass containers of any kind are not permitted! All water sensitive possessions and anything that you want to keep dry (such as lunch) must be protected in waterproof containers -- sandwich and garbage bags do not provide reliable protection. We have drybags available to rent.

·   Due to increasing usage of the river islands, all solid human waste and toilet paper must be carried out and disposed of properly. Portable camp toilets and waste kits are available for sale or rent at BMO. It is unlawful to dispose of human waste or soiled containers in normal trash facilities.

·   PLEASE leave the river as clean as you found it, preferably cleaner. Secure litter in a bag at all times and tie the bag to your boat.

·   Be courteous to others on the river.

Blue Mountain Outfitters Brochure:

·   BMO Brochure.·   Information about: our rental and shuttle service, suggested trip supplies, overnight camping trips, clothing, kayaking lessons, guided tours, schedules and itinerary, reservation procedures, liability, repairs and outfitting, our retail store, maps to BMO, and more.
·   675Kb .pdf file, five pages formatted for 8.5 x 11" portrait.

Liability Release Form:

·   Release of Liability, and Photo Release Form.
·   This release form is for use by all persons who will be participating in Blue Mountain Outfitters river trips or tours. One adult and/or multiple children may be placed on an individual form. One form is required for each adult. Be sure to initial the block at the right of each paragraph where provided. Two signatures are required when including minor children. Please read this document before signing.
·   Print and complete one form for each immediate family unit.
·   103Kb .pdf file, one page formatted for 8.5 x 14" portrait (use "Print to Fit" when printing on 8.5 x 11" paper).

Brochure Library:

·   Click here to go to our Brochure Library.

·   About our Brochures.
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