Fishing Creek (Perry County)

River of the month #14

author: Pat Reilly
date: May 1999

I’m willing to bet there are more than a dozen ‘Fishing Creeks’ in the state. This one drains rt. 850 valley in Perry County and empties into the Susquehanna at Marysville. I seem to run it a lot for one main reason, it’s convenient. If I’m hanging out at Blue Mountain Outfitters or anywhere near (at home for that matter) when the skies break loose, it’s easy to hook up with someone from the shop and get in some cheap whitewater thrills. You can be back at the shop in no time to pick up on your paddling conversation right where you left off.

It takes a good 2 inches of rain to bring it up and it isn’t very long. From the King’s Highway bridge to the river is about 1 mile of creek dropping 60 feet or so. It’s an energetic mile as the creek initially charges and twists through the Marysville Lion’s Club picnic grounds. Take care where the creek starts under the high route 11/15 bridge behind the bakery. The abrupt left hand turn at the bridge abutment got me during my rookie days, causing a cold swim.

After emerging from under the highway bridge and the ensuing railroad bridge, the creek tilts downward and offers a nice wavy ride to the river at high levels. At real high levels this section reminds me a little of Maryland’s Savage River. (Ok, use your imagination) You can take a good look at this stretch from the River Road bridge in Marysville. (Drive through the subway to the other side of the railroad tracks)

Upon reaching the Susquehanna there are numerous take out options: 1) down river to the Rockville Bridge access, 2) up river to Marysville’s new municipal access (then you can park right at the shop), or 3) paddle around the corner to Cliff Dillmans’ house and bug him for a shuttle (For that matter you can walk the shuttle). Doug Gibson and I once put in 3 miles above King’s Highway, but there wasn’t much up there except flat water and strainers. (It was pretty, though.)

Except for a persistent strainer just below the King’s Highway put in, this short run is usually obstruction free. But don’t take my word, if its up it’ll be cooking along so paddle with care and boat scout.

Pat Reilly

Copyright © 1999 Pat Reilly. All rights reserved.